Q: Does this product have a waiting period before one can harvest crops?

A: This product is safe to use with no waiting period. Crops can be harvested shortly after applying the product, just rinse well

Q: Will it burn my plants?

A: No it will not burn your plants or plant roots as it contains no added chemicals

Q: Can I use this product throughout the year?

A: This product is safe to use all year round

Q: How do I dilute the product?

A: Dilute 25 ml of Go Organic Guano on 1 ℓ of water or 25 ℓ of Go Organic Guano on a 1000 ℓ of water (for agricultural purposes). Use it as a foliar spray once every 2 weeks. Good results will be seen in Spring.

Q: Is Go Organic Guano truly organic?

A: It is organic in the sense that the product is manually harvested directly from the islands in Namibia without the introduction of any synthetic or chemical additives.