Go Organic Guano Facts

  • Seabird Guano is one of the most comprehensive organic fertilizers in the world
  • Go Organic Guano is sourced sustainably using environmentally friendly methods
  • Go Organic Guano products are produced in South Africa
  • Go Organic Guano is a 100 % Natural Ingredients Fertilizer
  • Go Organic Guano is a certified organic product
  • Go Organic Guano improves water and nutrient-holding capacities
  • Go Organic Guano is a foliar spray as well as a source of soil nutrition that you can spray or pour
  • One of the best all natural organic fertilizers.

    Contains no synthetic or chemical additives.

    Naturally harvested.

  • Use it as a foliar spray on all small grains, cash crops, corn, fruit trees, vegetables, vineyards as well as on flowers, especially roses
  • Go Organic Guano allows for better metabolism of nitrates in plants
  • Go Organic Guano ensures stronger cell walls which leads to flavour enhancement and resistance to mould fungus attack
  • Go Organic Guano ensures more upright stems and open leaves enhancing photosynthesis
  • Go Organic Guano ensures better fertile and viable seed production
  • Go Organic Guano causes an increase in soil micro-fauna
  • Go Organic Guano won’t burn plant or plant roots
  • Go Organic Guano should be used before flowering / blooming or bud period of plant / tree
  • Go Organic Guano is an excellent foliar feed for after harvesting crops / produce
  • Cash crop farming: Go Organic Guano to be applied all year round on a 3 week interval
  • Go Organic Guano is very cost effective as 2 ℓ of Go Organic Guano makes 80 ℓ of plant food, and 25 ℓ makes 1000 ℓ of plant food. 40 to 1 dilution ratio
  • 2 ℓ diluted Go Organic Guano (diluted to 80 lt plant food) covers 800 m ² and 25 ℓ of diluted Go Organic Guano (diluted to 1000 lt plant food) covers 1 hectare (10,000 m ²)
  • Resulting produce has a longer shelf life and food is better to consume
  • Go Organic Guano contains lots of vitamins and minerals from the birds diet and most of the goodness in the guano comes from the fish bones the bird eats